Staron Worksurfaces

About Samsung Staron


Samsung Chemical Europe GmbH (SCEG) is the major European subsidiary of the chemical branch of Samsung SDI, member of the Samsung multigroup. Before, it belonged to Samsung Cheil Industries Inc., which merged into Samsung SDI on 1 July, 2014. The SCEG is based in Schwalbach/Ts. near Frankfurt am Main in Germany and responsible for marketing and sales of STARON® Solid Surfaces in more than 30 European countries.

Tempest® is an exclusive mineral material with a high-quality three dimensional optical impression. The material consists of natural minerals such as fillers, acrylic binding agent and crystalline particles.

The colour illustrations may deviate from the original colour of the STARON® sheets.

● Sheets created by using recycled materials
■ Colours with metallic particles which exhibit different reflections depending on point of view
▲Colours requiring higher maintenance

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